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OnRevenue has run thousands of online campaigns for patient acquisition and patient engagement for medical clinics with typical patient acquisition costs anywhere from $6 to $26 per new patient in most US areas. Cloud based HIPAA compliant software is simple to use and easy to manage. Free responsive medical website is always included.


 Medical Practice Online Marketing

 Healthcare Digital Advertising For Clinics
Contact us to see how OnRevenue’s Online Advertising, Sales, and Marketing software can improve your business. We’ll show you examples of how TOP medical healthcare companies utilize OnRevenue’s solutions. See examples of FREE Google Optimized HIPAA Compliant websites.
One GOLD solution to manage your business’s entire online strategy. OnRevenue’s Gold Package includes both mobile and full conversion websites. Maximize the results of your online advertising, marketing, and sales efforts with a comprehensive platform comprised of over 20 apps and features.
If you’d like some help from the experts, OnRevenue’s Platinum package includes all the apps and features from Gold alongside additional professional services. OnRevenue provides you with custom content creation, additional SEO services, and a dedicated Account Manager providing VIP support.
One location or one hundred locations, we move your medical business forward with Scalable, Reliable Online apps, HIPAA Compliant & Secure Websites and VIP Customer Service.  Streamline and Consolidate your online Advertising, Sales, and Marketing into one platform and vendor.
 Marketing Strategies for Medical Practices


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OnRevenue platform consists of  over 20 online cloud based applications - all integrated and work together to generate new leads, manage leads, convert leads to customers, manage customer relationships, and generate referrals. OnRevenue is a single vendor automated solution and it is available at a fraction of cost compared to custom built or multi-vendor non-integrated solution.

You can have the best looking website & mobilesite, but if you do not tell the world that you exist, no one will notice you. As a business owner you MUST advertise. There are many ways to gain new online customers. Search advertising is a good place to start, but it is only a starting point. There are endless "things" you can do to advertise on the internet. However, there is no free lunch, advertising will either cost you $$$ or effort, or both. Remember online success is a process - and it will require constant attention.Professional On-Brand Online Business PresenceAutomated Email Marketing (Data Driven)Intelligent Apps for Web ConversionSimple Cloud Based CRM / Contact ManagerHow to Get New Online Leads


Online Reputation Management for Doctors & Clinics



Simple and Easy Patient Engagement

Outcomes Driven Patient Engagement Made Easy For Doctors & Medical Clinics


 Outcome-Driven Patient Engagement For Doctors & Medical Clinics


Engage With Patients Using

SMS & EMail Marketing

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Mobile Marketing For Doctors &  Medical Practices



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 More Patients. Less Effort.
All-In-One, Affordable Advertising & Marketing For Medical Clinics.


As the online business environment continues to get increasingly complex, building and maintaining your medical clinic’s web presence becomes more and more difficult. To grow your medical clinic effectively, you need to have a well-rounded strategy and excellent advertising, sales, and marketing software on your side not to mention HIPAA compliance. Assembling multiple tools and building your own solution requires a large investment of time and money, and often produces results below your goals and lack of HIPAA compliance.  At OnRevenue, our sole focus is creating online success for healthcare medical clinics, and our solution has helped healthcare medical clinics all over USA experience exceptional growth. With our cloud-based, HIPAA Compliant SaaS platform, your business is better equipped to generate new patients and engage patients.  The OnRevenue system does not require any IT staff to implement or manage thanks to its intuitive design and turn-key setup.  We’re proud to provide unparalleled support, alongside daily live training, to better assist our customers and help them maximize their results.


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Marketing Strategies For Medical Clinics


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