Medical Marketing Solution for Doctors

20 Medical Marketing focused apps are included in the OnRevenue solution for your medical practice, along with the best support in the industry.

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Medical Marketing Dash Board

Medical Marketing in USA

There are close to 974,000 medical providers, physicians, doctors in USA. If you add dentists, physical therapists, PAs this number is well over 1 Million.  Most of these medical service providers are used to traditional marketing.  OnRevenue data shows that out of a sample of 3450 Medical Clinics in USA, only 148 clinics are using Online Engagement Strategies software to gain a competitive advantage. If you are using software that is based on data mining & data driven results based strategies, then you are likely to benefit immensely.  Majority of the medical clinics are simply using a static website with few links to patient portal, and may be a local web company managing non-intelligent but pretty website. Medical Marketing changing and moving to the web.

Medical Marketing Platform

Medical Marketing Success Requires Proficiency in Four Important Areas:

1) Clinic Industry Knowledge, and an Understanding of Medical Field Compliance Requirements and Regulations

2) Expertise in Online Marketing Trends, Digital Best Practices, and Patient Behavior

3) A Dynamic Software Platform Designed to Adapt to Changes with Trends and Technology

4) World Class Support behind Your Technology System

Medical Marketing EMR Connector for Patient Data

Medical Marketing EMR Connector for Patient Data

OnRevenue provides 2 methods – both are HIPAA compliant – to extract data from your EMR and add to OnRevenue Medical Marketing system.  There is no charge for these apps. They are included in the GOLD Package.


Medical Marketing For Doctors Has Moved To The Web.

Patient Behavior and the Medical Industry Are Changing. The Internet and Social Media Have Changed How The BEST Medical Practices Execute Their Marketing. 72 Percent of the Patients Look Online – and 88 Percent of Them Pay Attention to Reviews. Close to 70 Percent of Patients Do This on a Mobile Device.

21st century Americans want an ATM on every corner, a Starbucks on every block, grocery stores within 2 minutes’ drive from home, cell phones that setup appointments for them, gas stations that serve fresh coffee and bagels, and now thanks to Affordable Care Act, Walk-In-Clinics at every corner. Today’s patients want their clinics to have doctors who show up on time, with polite receptionists at the front desk.  They are also exercising their right of free speech to post their experience on the internet, social media, Yelp and Google Reviews.


Medical Marketing For Doctors

OnRevenue’s Medical Marketing Solution is Not Focused on Technology, But on Results.

1) Targeted online advertising for Patient Acquisition
2) Software along with online and medical industry expertise for Patient Retention
3) Effective communication and online marketing for Patient Engagement
4) Effective advertising and marketing strategies for low Patient Acquisition costs

Medical Marketing Using Mobile Trends

OnRevenue team’s recent review of 162 online campaigns reveals that 72 percent of the patients are searching for medical services on a mobile device. Exactly the same test revealed that this number was 54 percent 12 months ago. OnRevenue predicts that this number will be close to 90 percent in the next few years.

Medical Marketing Using Mobile Trends