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Top Doctors, Clinics and Medical Practices in the US Trust OnRevenue to Acquire New Patients, Engage Patients, and Grow Their Medical Practice

OnRevenue has run thousands of online campaigns for patient acquisition and patient engagement for medical clinics with typical patient acquisition costs anywhere from $6 to $26 per new patient in most US areas. Cloud based HIPAA compliant software is simple to use and easy to manage. Free responsive, intelligent medical website is always included.

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Medical Practice Marketing For Clinic Owners, Practice Managers, Doctors & Dentists

Clinic owners, practice managers, dentists and doctors are often forced to work with multiple applications and incompatible online tools to help drive their business. There’s a lot to keep track of: website management, social media, Facebook, online advertising, website lead management, generating positive reviews, minimizing negative reviews, monthly email marketing, call tracking, online payments and much more… it can all be difficult to juggle. What’s more, where do you find the time to manage your efforts online while running your clinic effectively and treating your patients?  OnRevenue data shows you will save 21 to 44 hours a month ( on average 32 hours a month)  by using an Integrated Comprehensive Medical Practice Marketing system from OnRevenue. At $47/hour, your average opportunity cost,  this is savings of $1527 per month, or $18K per year, per clinic. In addition to these time savings, 99% of our customers see a significant improvement in new patient acquisition and patient engagement.

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Promoting your healthcare practice online can be confusing and difficult to manage due to the dynamic nature of changing technology, new trends in online marketing, and new applications.

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The OnRevenue platform consists of over 20 online cloud-based healthcare applications, all integrated to work together to maximize results.  OnRevenue’s Healthcare solutions help your clinic generate new patients, easily convert patient to returning patients, create lasting relationships with patients, and generate positive online reviews. OnRevenue is a single vendor automated solution available at a fraction of the cost of custom built or multi-vendor non-integrated solutions. OnRevenue platform runs on secure servers and data-centers, based in the USA, with headquarters in Palo Alto California. We also provide Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for your medical clinic & practice.

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