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How To Generate New Patients For Your Medical Practice

One location or one hundred locations, OnRevenue helps your medical practice grow using medical marketing software and techniques

While Palo Alto, California is home for headquarters, the company employs a diverse and talented team across the USA, Canada and Asia. Founded in 2009, is located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley.

OnRevenue customers are pleased that they have benefited in these 4 key areas:

Generate New Patients For Your Medical Practice

No 1. New Patient Generation.

This refers to marketing and advertising apps that cause new prospect patients to contact you to ask questions, book an appointment, request pricing or simply show up for your service ( walk-in clinics ). New patients are generated from Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, Email Marketing Apps, Mobile Advertising Apps, SMS Apps and other online strategies.

No 2. Patient Engagement.

An existing patient can be a great source of referrals and spreading the word-of-mouth. Some companies call this area Referral Marketing. Patient Engagement marketing and advertising apps cause existing patients to act on your behalf to provide positive feedback about the services that they received from your staff and clinic. They may see a promotion and pass it on to their family & friends. New referred patients are generated from OnRevenue apps like Sweepstakes App, Google Reviews App, Facebook Reviews App, Facebook Like App, Yelp Reviews App, Email Referrals App, Mobile Referral App, SMS Referral App and other online strategies used in the OnRevenue platform.

No 3. Patient Revenue.

Every patient who visits your medical practice, can either 1. Come back for more services  2. Refer your to more potential patients or  3. Decides not to come back for future services or recommend you – Some may decide to post negative reviews. Using OnRevenue’s apps, your medical practice’s strategy is to have majority of your patients choose No 1 & No 2 and minimize No 3.

No 4. Patient Reviews.

Online positive patient reviews may be the single most effective way to attract more patients to your practice. The majority of prospective patients trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Everyone knows this, but what they don’t know are the simple steps to getting more glowing patient reviews. OnRevenue has multiple apps to help you acquire reviews on the most important review sites like Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, Facebook and many other healthcare focused sites.

How To Generate New Patients For Your Medical Clinic

OnRevenue’s solution is designed to help small to mid-size healthcare organizations move to the cloud with ease with a secure HIPAA compliant platform.  OnRevenue’s Healthcare Platform consists of over 20 applications. There are 6 key areas covered by the platform:

move to the cloud with ease with a secure HIPAA compliant platform

Our one-platform solution is generating revenue for healthcare businesses throughout North America. Our customers range from a single location medical business to $600 Million revenue companies. also offers HIPAA compliant Social CRM, advertising apps, sales, marketing, reputation management apps and mobile ready-to-use cloud apps from a single platform.

Ready-to-use cloud apps for Healthcare

We believe in continuous development- we will always look at ways to do things even better. Our apps and features are constantly under review by our team, and new innovations are created as a result of listening to our customers.

OnRevenue Customers

We are competitive- we will always strive to meet your business needs. Our focus is to offer the best solutions that will help you drive your business online. We will always ensure that you get effective and simple to use automated solutions that deliver more value than what any other provider can offer.


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