How To Generate Leads Using Facebook & Social Media

As Facebook becomes more important for users all over the world, businesses need to do more on Facebook. How do you stand out from thousands of other businesses who are advertising and working to get the attention and “Likes” of targeted users? The first step in answering this question is to look at the leaders in your space and your industry to see what they are doing on Social Media, and more specifically, on Facebook.’s Facebook apps platform provides you with a competitive advantage.


Let’s examine how Facebook is evolving for business owners.The Business Pages on Facebook are becoming more and more akin to a “business website”, with increasing ability to reach and interact with your audience. More and more, businesses are growing past using Facebook as only a communication channel, and leverage their pages as a professional advertising and marketing tool. However, the base features in Facebook don’t cover many of the areas needed to use Business Pages as an effective tool for generating business. Your Business’s Facebook Page needs specific business applications, as well as analytics and intelligent features, that convert “likes” to leads, capture lead info, actively convert leads to prospects, and then bring them in as customers. OnRevenue Facebook apps and online platform offers exactly this and allows you to run your business on an auto-pilot.

Automated Facebook Apps for Businesses from OnRevenue
Lead Generation Using Facebook & Social Media’s Facebook Platform Apps’s platform includes many Facebook business applications that transform a standard Facebook Business Page into a Lead Generation and Conversion business website while keeping the user on your Facebook Business Page. Lead data is captured and stored in a totally integrated CRM. Auto-responders take control of follow-up after prospects contact you, sending engaging and contextualized messages. Email marketing and online promotions are built-in to provide targeted communication and improve prospect conversion. Your prospects and customers can even book appointments from your Facebook page.

All of’s Facebook Apps work together seamlessly with the rest of the platform, and the turnkey design means there’s no need for programmers and additional integration work. Your lead capture and conversion tools, CRM, and Email marketing all connect to your Facebook Applications and Facebook Pages. This allows you to leverage your Facebook Business page to execute new strategies to drive engagement with your audience and improve your sales conversion.

Let’s say, for example, you’re running a Healthcare clinic. With OnRevenue, you’re able to run a targeted advertising campaign that drives traffic to your Facebook Business page. Here, potential patients can sign up for your company newsletter, redeem promotions and specials, or book an appointment with your clinic. After they sign up for content or set up an appointment, auto-responders send context-based follow-up communications, confirming appointments or sending out requested content. Meanwhile,’s automated software takes their captured information and automatically adds them to your CRM, and updates any other relevant applications, such as your email campaign manager, appointment scheduler, and so on. This all happens seamlessly and automatically as your leads are captured, conversion takes place, and your CRM is updated. There is no lead leakage, and there are no spreadsheets to manage!

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How To Capture Leads Using Facebook & Social Media