How to Market & Advertise a Doctor’s Office & Medical Practice

Executing a successful patient acquisition strategy requires much more than a website. In order to increase your clinic’s patient count, you need intelligent software behind your website, and a strategy that’s proven to be successful for top healthcare clinics across the US.

To “build your own”, a healthcare organization must:

1) Hire 4 to 8 professionals to integrate disparate technology products
2) To get a non-integrated, non HIPAA compliant solution
3) That is expensive
4) Ineffective & cumbersome

OnRevenue apps are hosted in the cloud on world class high performance servers in the USA. There is no software to install or setup fees.

How to market a medical practice

Medical Marketing For Doctors

Effective healthcare today involves more than just in-clinic patient treatment; it requires continual and proactive communication covering a broad spectrum of patient-specific issues. For many healthcare practices, their attempts to become more integrally connected with patients are often obstructed by a lack of appropriate and effective online communication tools and applications. OnRevenue provides clinics across the US with powerful software, running on secure compliant servers located in USA, that makes delivering numerous types of Healthcare communications a simple and automated process. From sending between-visit wellness surveys, to automated appointment reminders, and effective outreach communications, OnRevenue’s sophisticated Healthcare Communication Platform contains dozens of ways for you to improve interaction with patients. With a proprietary platform custom created to assist Healthcare practices effectively communicate with their patients, OnRevenue is the preferred Healthcare to patient communication software.

You Don’t Need 4 to 8 Technology Vendors

You Don’t Need An Army Of Web Consultants

You Simply Need This

Healthcare Communication Platform
 How To Increase Patient Traffic
Increase Medical Marketing ROI