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Every day in US too many doctors struggle every day to fill their calendar with patients. They have a great location, dedicated professional medical staff, proper equipment, many hard earned certifications and qualifications. They also have a nice looking Website. However what they lack is a sophisticated online marketing software and expertise.These days having a nice looking website will not be enough to generate new patient clients. If your clinic needs to retain existing patients for repeat services and procedures, then you need additional strategies and software.  Advertising for doctors can be offline or online. Offline advertising for doctors refers to Billboards, Newspapers, Paper Yellow Pages, Ads in Cinemas, Radio Ads.  This form of advertising has lower reach compared to online advertising. Its is also difficult to measure the impact, there are time constraints, difficult to make changes to advertising message once its deployed. Above all it is expensive compared to online advertising, and ROI is much lower.  The figure below shows the impact of Online Advertising for a Medical Practice.  Specifically Google Adwords, PPC Advertising for Doctors.  You can see the spike in calls. This is due to launching an aggressive Online PPC Campaign for this Medical Practice.

Advertising For Doctors

Patient Acquisition Costs

Patient acquisition costs can be anywhere from $6 to $26 per new patient in most US areas – how do we know this? OnRevenue has executed thousands of Advertising, Marketing and Email Marketing campaigns for healthcare companies. If you are located in an area with a lot of competition, your costs will be higher. Also, competing on the Internet for more patients requires that every medical practice must consider three key areas for online success. Each one of these areas are addressed by the OnRevenue platform and we have developed specific online applications for each area to help you become successful. Online have become an excellent advertising tool for your medical practice.  It is imperative that you launch your Reviews Marketing campaign, in addition to online advertising. Lets show you some examples and how to launch a Reviews Marketing campaign.

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Medical Marketing Advertising Made Simple

The OnRevenue patient acquisition platform is designed for business owners, not techies. There is no programming required for applications. OnRevenue apps can be embedded in existing websites or OnRevenue Conversion websites and mobilesites can be used. We have created and tested (A/B Tested) several designs, templates, Call-To-Action, Landing Pages, Promotions, Referral Apps, Google Local-Listings, PPC Campaigns, and Lead Capture Pages for successful conversion for doctors’ offices and practices.

OnRevenue’s platform ensures that your clinic’s advertising strategy effectively generates patients by covering the three main sections of online advertising: Targeted Search Advertising, Optimized Business Presence, and Social Media. Instead of going to multiple vendors to piece together solutions to create a complete approach, clinics are using OnRevenue’s comprehensive platform to manage their entire presence online. With OnRevenue’s apps and expertise, your clinic will be able to use online advertising to boost your lead generation, improve your online conversion, and increase number of patients walking through your doors.

To increase the effectiveness of your clinic’s advertising, you need to be active in the three main areas where people interact with you online. With all the tools, support, and professional knowledge in OnRevenue’s clinic solution, clinics using our platform have been able to execute a more effective advertising strategy, and maximize their patient generation. If your clinic isn’t utilizing all three of these strategic areas in your online advertising, Request a Demo to learn how OnRevenue can help implement a better solution for your clinic.

Medical Marketing Advertising

1. Targeted Advertising

OnRevenue offers Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as Remarketing and Facebook advertising campaigns. When optimized effectively, these advertising campaigns create an excellent boost to lead and patient generation. PPC advertising allows your clinic to effectively target quality leads while they are actively looking for services you offer. Onrevenue has great experience in running PPC

2. Optimized Business Presence

a. Cultivated Online Reviews/Reputation
b. Organic Rankings & Directory Listings
c. Conversion site optimized for search engines, w/ intelligent apps
d. Need to draw your leads & traffic to an effective conversion site; not only need to display yourself well to generate leads, but you have to effectively convert them once they find you

3. Social Media

a. Facebook, Google+, Yelp, and more
b. Apps to add lead capture to your social media, integrated with your backend
c. Improves your lead generation, tracking, and conversion
d. Turn your Social Media into a more professional business tool

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