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Online Advertising For Medical Clinics

Patient acquisition costs can be anywhere from $6 to $26 per new patient in most US areas, and for areas with high competition these costs can be even higher.

Every day millions of potential patients are searching online for their medical needs, and are using the web to find their local healthcare providers.  Yellow pages, bill-boards, local newspapers are outdated advertising mediums; they simply lack the instant accessibility and depth of information that a website can provide.  Online advertising is by far the most effective way to attract new patients, acquire them, and ultimately retain them.  Due to its preeminant importance, many clinics to focus their online advertising strategy soley around having a website. However, having a website is really only the first step in creating an online presence that will effectively attract and generate patients.  Executing a successful online advertising and patient acquisition strategy requires much more than a website.  In order to increase your clinic’s patient count, and the revenue from each patient you service, you need intelligent software behind your website, and a strategy that’s proven to be successful for healthcare clinics across the US.

Online advertising, and specifically Intelligent and Targeted Advertising is the new way to acquire new patients, engage them and ultimatley retain them.

Implementing a comprehensive online advertising strategy is the most important contributor for clinics that are increasing their patient acquisition. Clinic owners are faced with numerous solutions to choose from, but finding one that will enable your clinic to reach your patient count goals requires that you look beyond shallow solutions that focus on just a website.  To get the best results from your clinic’s efforts online, you need a system that provides a complete strategy and web presence.  OnRevenue’s platform ensures that your clinic’s online advertising effectively generates patients by covering the three main sections of online advertising:  Targeted Search Advertising, an Optimized Business Presence, and Social Media.  Rather than going to multiple vendors and piecing together different apps and solutions, clinics are using OnRevenue’s comprehensive platform to manage their entire presence online.  With OnRevenue’s apps and expertise, your clinic will be able to use online advertising to boost your lead generation, improve your online conversion, and increase number of patients walking through your doors.

Patient acquisition costs can be anywhere from $6 to $26 per new patient in most US areas, and for areas with high competition these costs can be even higher.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach for online advertising. Many clinics spend large amounts of time and money on cut-and-paste solutions, with results that simply don’t match up to their costs. To get the best return on its online advertising, your clinic needs to work with a vendor who not only understands your industry, but who also works with you to develop a strategy that’s fit to your clinic’s goals and qualities. OnRevenue has run thousands of advertising and patient acquisition campaigns, and with the combination of our expertise and software we’re able to provide a solution that produces excellent results. We work closely with all our customers to understand their clinic, their local environment, and many other factors so we can ensure that their solution will yeild the best results possible.

Contact us for real examples of clinics. We can show you how we’ve devloped our platform to utilize the latest technology, trends, and approaches in online advertising for clinics. See how other clinics are creating success for their business, and how you can change your approach so that you can use OnRevenue’s software to maximize your patient generation.

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