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Simple Digital Marketing For Doctors & Medical Clinics

Modern Digital Marketing For Medical Clinics & Doctors

Thousands of medical clinics struggle every day to fill their calendar with patients. Despite having a great location, a dedicated and professional medical staff, proper equipment, and hard earned certifications and qualifications, their daily patient counts aren’t where they’d like them to be. Many clinics don’t realize that what they are missing is online expertise and a sophisticated software solution to power their patient acquisition efforts. These days, your clinic’s strategy for generating new patients online has to be more than just having a good looking website.

Modern Digital Marketing For Medical Clinics & Doctors

Your clinic needs to be attracting new patients through a variety of digital mediums, and also be actively engaged with existing patients to encourage repeat visits. Rather than hiring multiple Marketing and IT team members to create an patchwork solution, many clinics are instead turning to OnRevenue’s intelligent software platform to run their patient acquisition, engagement, and management strategies.

Online Success Requires Proficiency in Four Important Areas:

1) Clinic Industry Knowledge, and an Understanding of Medical Field Compliance Requirements and Regulations

2) Expertise in Online Marketing Trends, Digital Best Practices, and Patient Behavior

3) A Dynamic Software Platform Designed to Adapt to Changes with Trends and Technology

4) World Class Support behind Your Technology System

As a cloud-based solution provider whose focus is working with healthcare practices, OnRevenue has many years of experience running successful advertising and marketing campaigns for medical clinics across the U.S. We’ve designed our platform to comprehensively manage all aspect’s of a clinic’s digital marketing strategy and presence on the internet. By ensuring that their entire presence online is being effectively cultivated through one platform, clinics are able to see better results in their patient acquisition and reach their goals for growth.

Marketing Based on Existing Patient Data

A Complete Internet Advertising and Marketing For Doctors and Clinics

A Complete Internet Advertising and Marketing For Doctors and Clinics

From your clinic’s location, to your local competition, there are many factors that impact how your clinic needs to execute its online advertising and marketing. Patient acquisition costs can be anywhere from $6 to $26 per new patient in most US areas, and for areas with high competition these costs can be even higher. You need a solution that’s fit to your clinic’s unique situation in order to effectively generate patients while competing against other clinics in your locale. OnRevenue’s cloud-based platform ensures that your clinic’s digital strategy effectively generates patients by covering the three main sections of online marketing: Targeted Search Advertising, Optimization of Your Business Presence, and Social Media. Instead of going to multiple vendors and piecing together a solution, clinics are using OnRevenue’s Healthcare Solution to manage all their efforts for acquiring and retaining patients using the Internet. With OnRevenue’s apps and expertise, your clinic will be able to boost your new patient generation, improve your online conversion, keep your past patients engaged with your practice, and increase the number of patients you see every day.

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