Urgent Care Clinic & Center Marketing

Compare Your Urgent Care Clinic & Center Marketing Against the TOP Clinics in USA

OnRevenue.com has over 20 applications available to help your Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic acquire new patients. Once patients have visited your medical clinic, you would want to focus on Patient Engagement and Patient Loyalty.

There are approximately 15,420 Urgent Care clinics and Walk-In clinic centers in USA and growing. Almost all of these clinics are  faced with negative feedback from patients on Google & Yelp. Majority of these clinics do not have a proactive marketing strategy to minimize negative and maximize positive reviews from patients. 88 percent of the clinics do not have any sales & marketing software on their side to self-promote their medical practice. Most of them have a static website and simple Facebook page with no intelligent apps. OnRevenue offers Website & Facebook applications for sales & marketing and for patient engagement. There are over 20 different applications included in the OnRevenue GOLD package for medical clinics.

HIPAA Security Rule Compliant

Among many apps, bad weather application allows you to broad-cast to patients that you are closed due to certain reason. This app is mobile friendly and is also compatible with Social Media also. Another app used by many urgent care clinics provides monthly updates to a targeted patient base in your effective target area.  There are only so many people live in your target area, you want to have an unfair advantage.

Urgent Care Clinic Marketing

The OnRevenue platform consists of a Google Optimized Responsive Website and over 20 online HIPAA compliant cloud-based applications, all integrated to work together and generate new patient leads, manage leads, convert patient leads to actual paying patient customers, manage patient relationships, and generate referrals. OnRevenue is a single vendor automated solution and it is available at a fraction of cost compared to custom built or multi-vendor non-integrated solutions. OnRevenue platform runs on secure servers and data-centers, based in the USA, with headquarters in Palo Alto California.

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