Urgent Care CRM

Urgent Care businesses need a simple-to-use Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). This CRM for Urgent Care should be able to store not only patient information, but also provide the ability to store business contacts with parent-child relationships – like an Account and Multiple Contacts belonging to a certain Account.  The CRM should also have the ability to send Emails and track Emails from the CRM, managing an opportunity under belonging to a Contact and sending  Online Marketing messages to certain lists.

Many Urgent Care owners and business managers often struggle with setting up a CRM system. OnRevenue.com has solved your problem.

OnRevenue urgent care platform is designed for business owners, not techies. There is no programming required for applications. Our OnRevenue CRM apps can be embedded in existing websites or OnRevenue Conversion websites and mobilesites can be used. We have created and tested (A/B Tested) several designs, templates, Call-To-Action, Landing Pages, Promotions, Referral Apps, Google Local-Listings, PPC Campaigns, and Lead Capture Pages for successful conversion for Urgent Care centers.

All OnRevenue.com CRM, Contact Manager, applications, website, search optimizations, and email marketing work together. No need to assemble dozens of apps and waste your time trying to figure out the best practices. We have done it for you, no assembly required.

For example, many Urgent Care Centers are using OnRevenue.com software for Online Advertising in order to generate patient traffic.

OnRevenue.com has solved this problem for many Urgent Care businesses and has run thousands of online campaigns. There is no guess work here.

Please click here for a presentation and prepare to be amazed at what OnRevenue.com can do for your business online.